We’ve combined our extensive experience of machinery and guarding with our knowledge of CE Marking compliance to create our own range of Modular Machine Guarding. We’ve designed our range of Modular Machine Guarding so that is both simple and effective. Guarding panels can be easy to put together to guard off the danger.  Options such as Adjustable Width Panels, Perspex panels, Door interlocks, Kick Plates and much more are available.

Built-in Compliance
Our guarding system has been designed to comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and European Standards such as EN 953. 

Modular Design
We’ve designed our Machine Guarding Systems so that guard panels can be arranged to construct almost any type of fence guard.

Self-Assembly of Turn-key
All components of our Machine Guarding Systems are modular and very suited to self-assembly. Alternatively our expert fitters can install the guarding for you.

3D Visualisation 
Using our CAD expertise, we can show your proposed guarding layout in 3D. We can provide images showing exactly how the guarding system will look when in place.

If after installing an arrangement of guarding, you find your need to change your machinery layout, our Machine Guarding System allows for easy reconfiguration. Panels and accessories can be purchased individually to meet any shortfall.