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Project Engineering together with Diageo Global Engineering develop training program on EN ISO 13849-1 validation with SISTEMA.


Diageo are a global leader in alcoholic beverages and have several operational facilities located throughout the island of Ireland. As with any modern manufacturer, they rely on complex machinery and process control for production, filling and packaging of their products.


Diageo recognise that safety is paramount and safety considerations must have priority over performance and efficiency specifications when procuring new machinery or completing upgrades of existing equipment.


Diageo engineering safety compliance team is made up of experienced machinery safety professionals, with a broad range of machinery and process safety expertise. As with the wider Diageo Group, the team has a strong culture of continuous improvement and professional development. To this end, Diageo safety compliance team engaged Project Engineering to develop a training course focused on EN ISO 13849 validation for safety related parts of the control system using SISTEMA software.


Diageo engineering safety compliance team are already comfortable with EN ISO 13849 requirements, their goal was to drill-down further into the validation process and the use of SISTEMA. Although this level of knowledge would not be typical within machinery end-users, Diageo engineering safety compliance team wished to gain the tools required to comprehensively review and appraise machinery safety circuits proposed by vendors.


Working closely with Diageo, Project Engineering developed a one-day training course with content specifically selected to suit the objectives, experience level and prior knowledge of the participants.


The training focuses on the validation of safety functions likely to be encountered on Diageo projects, recapping EN ISO 13849 fundamentals before focusing on validation using SISTEMA software.


Collaborating with Project Engineering provided Diageo with a tailor-made training course addressing their specific requirements, empowering the Diageo engineering safety compliance team to comprehensively validate safety control functions proposed by vendors while also gaining experience on the use of SISTEMA software.

Diageo Global Engineering
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