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Mechanical Design


Mechanical Engineering Design is at the core of everything we do at Project Engineering. With years of experience, we have honed our craft completing hundreds of diverse design projects.

We work in partnership with our clients to develop new products, refine existing products, design jigs, fixtures and develop bespoke systems.

Our mechanical design Clients are OEMs and other organizations for whom highly detailed design models, drawings and documentation are essential. We apply our deep knowledge of machinery safety to design-in compliance with European Directives and standards.

Our design team of degree-qualified mechanical engineers use a combination of state-of-the-art CAD systems and traditional engineering methods to meet our clients’ needs. We build 3D models of all our projects and provide a full service, taking projects from proof-of concept through to a complete set of manufacturing drawings. If required, we can also arrange manufacture of prototypes.

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Our Services

3D CAD & Modeling

Our engineers are 3D CAD experts with a deep knowledge of modern and traditional mechanical design methods. We have the skills and tools to delivery world class designs.

We develop detailed 3D CAD models, allowing all stakeholders to fully visualize and understand the design.

We design for various manufacturing processes but specialize in fabricated metal machinery and equipment.

With multiple seats of current 3D CAD software, including SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor, and can deliver projects in native files of your preferred CAD package.

Simulation - linear static FEA, non-linear FEA


At Project Engineering we were early adopters of software simulation and have long understood its benefits.

Combining our know-how and state of the art simulation techniques we efficiently analyze and evaluate designs, reducing development costs and lead times.

We use linear static FEA, non-linear FEA and dynamic analysis to optimize designs for material usage and performance.

Your Engineering Department As-a-Service

We invest time and energy to gain a clear understanding of our client’s needs and have a history of long lasting, productive relationships.

We supplement our clients mechanical engineering departments by, providing expertise not available in-house or, by providing additional engineering capacity to help cope with spikes in workload.

Engineering Department As-a-Service
Safety and Machinery CE Mark

Engineering resources & recruitment

We know engineers and have proven track record of finding talented, project-ready engineers for our clients.

We provide engineers on a contract basis for specific projects. Depending on the project requirements Engineers can be seconded to be embedded in the Clients design team or can service the Client working from our office.

Project Management

We have the skills and resources to manage your project. Whether working with an OEM to manage new product development or on a safety upgrade in wider industry, we take ownership of the project and progress to completion.

We apply a structured approach, use practical tools and maintain communication with stakeholders, to deliver successful outcomes.

Declaration of conformity for machinery - CE Mark

Mechanical Design


SSE Renewables

SSE Renewables

Projects Project Engineering complete calculations for component specification, design detailing, FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and full manufacturing data pack for complex wind turbine maintenance systems for SSE Renewables. Needs SSE Renewables are the UK and Irelands clean energy champion and have plans to expand globally to deliver the green energy the world needs. SSE Renewables faced limitations by their current tooling for carrying out significant maintenance activities on the hub of their onshore turbine fleet. SSE Renewables service requirements meant they needed to safely rotate an unbalanced hub (a wind turbine hub which already has a blade removed). Approach Project

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Pro Stainless

Projects Mechanical design and standards compliance check for range of stainless steel mobile access systems. Needs PRO Stainless are industry leaders in stainless steel fabrication, specialising in the design and fabrication of equipment for cleanroom & hygienic environment applications, architectural metalwork, and bespoke production components. Pro Stainless had the opportunity to supply a range of mobile access systems designed specifically for use within cleanrooms. Pro Stainless had the expertise and capacity to fabricate the access systems, however their mechanical design team were at capacity and were not familiar with the EN standards applicable to mobile access systems. Approach Pro Stainless

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dennison trailers

Dennison Trailers

Projects Project Engineering complete design detailing and full manufacturing data pack for complex Dennison lorry trailers. Needs Dennison are a market leading manufacturer of lorry trailers with a broad range of innovative and precision engineered products. Dennison faced bottlenecks in their engineering department due to increasing customer requirements for customised and bespoke trailers, combined with a complex supply chain and manufacturing operations split across multiple factories in Ireland and the UK. Approach Project Engineering engaged with Dennison and gained an understanding of their requirements. Project Engineering then put a plan in place, establishing clear workflows, procedures, and lines of communication.

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Mechanical Design



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