Agri-Spread International

Agri-Spread engaged Project Engineering for guidance on the requirements of complex harmonised European standards relating to their class leading fertiliser, Lime & bulk product spreaders.


Agri-Spread International design and manufacture state-of-the-art fertiliser, lime, manure and bulk product spreaders for export around the world. When Agri-Spread developed a new range of Trailed Spreaders they sought a CE Marking Consultant who could assess their new products against the requirements of applicable Harmonised European Standards and guide them through the CE Marking process.


Agri-Spread appointed Project Engineering who set to work identifying and reviewing the relevant European Directives and agricultural machinery harmonised European Standards. Project Engineering CE Marking Consultants then travelled to Ballyhaunis to meet with Agri-Spread and examine examples of their new Trailed Spreaders. Project Engineering completed detailed design risk assessments and harmonised European standard compliance assessments reports, which are essential for demonstrating CE Marking compliance. Interim meetings were held with Agri-Spread via web-conference to discuss compliance matters and to provide project updates.


Project Engineering handed over a complete Technical File for the new Trailed Spreader range and assisted Agri-Spread to prepare User Manual, Declaration of Conformity certificate and CE Marking plates for each model in the range. This allowed Agri-Spread to focus on production plans and launch the new product range to the market, assured that their new products were fully CE Marked and compliant.

CE Marking - Declaration of conformity for machinery
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