Dennison Trailers

Project Engineering complete design detailing and full manufacturing data pack for complex Dennison lorry trailers.


Dennison are a market leading manufacturer of lorry trailers with a broad range of innovative and precision engineered products. Dennison faced bottlenecks in their engineering department due to increasing customer requirements for customised and bespoke trailers, combined with a complex supply chain and manufacturing operations split across multiple factories in Ireland and the UK.


Project Engineering engaged with Dennison and gained an understanding of their requirements. Project Engineering then put a plan in place, establishing clear workflows, procedures, and lines of communication. After agreeing the approach with Dennison, Project Engineering put the plan into action and assigned resources.


Our engineers used Solidworks to complete fully detailed 3D CAD models and manufacturing drawings from the briefs provided by Dennison. Each set of 3D CAD and drawings were then issued to Dennison for QA approval. On approval Dennison passed the manufacturing data pack to their production teams for manufacture.


Working with Project Engineering allowed Dennison to leverage their engineering department, by combining Dennison’s deep product and sectoral knowledge with additional highly capable engineers from the Project Engineering team.  In time Project Engineering have become a trusted partner, supporting Dennison to offer an ever-increasing range of customised and bespoke trailers to their customers throughout Europe.

dennison trailers
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