Somex Automation

Project Engineering support Somex Automation, one of Irelands leading factory automation providers with CE Marking and machinery safety expertise.


Somex Automation are a leading supplier of robotic, automation & test solutions to the pharma and medical device sectors as well as general industry. With a growing business, ever increasing system complexity and the need for detailed system specific safety documentation, Somex were seeking a partner to assist with European Directive & Standard compliance and preparing CE Marking documentation.


Project Engineering machinery safety engineers engaged with Somex Automation during the design process of the system, extensively reviewing the machine and scrutinising it against applicable harmonised European Standards. Working in partnership with Somex, we prepared detailed documentation to demonstrate compliance with the relevant European Directives. Project Engineering then assembled the CE Marking documentation into the Technical File.


Collaborating with Project Engineering allowed Somex to concentrate their resources on development, design and programming complex automation systems, and to move forward with assurance that their systems are safe and compliant with European Directives and CE Marking requirements. This has enabled  Somex to continue to expand its business and strengthen its position as one of Irelands leading factory automation providers.

European Directives and CE Marking with Somex
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